About Us

About Us


We Exist

We exist to nourish people with real food and drinks, so that they can live well.
We are all about good food and food that are good for you.

We believe:

  • Health is the foundation of life. Without health, nothing else matters.
  • Food is the fuel for your body, your mind, and your well-being. Each time you eat and drink is an opportunity to nourish and to enhance wellness.
  • Food has to be pleasurable, so it absolutely has to be delicious.
  • Real food should be made in the kitchen, not lab.
What We Do



We Do

At Olijasca Nourishment, we design, manufacture, market food and drinks that are nourishing and delicious. We operate cafes and wellness centres for people to experience our products and services.


We Want To Go

We aim to be the leading nourishing hub, where we bring fresh produce from our own organic farm, local farmers, and source nutrient dense ingredients from all corners of the world, make them delicious, and hope you will enjoy them, and live well.

No Compromises



We source high quality nourishing ingredients, process them carefully and minimally to retain their nourishing quality, in our kitchen. No artificial additives, including MSG, trans fat, artificial colouring and flavouring are added - we believe these things should not be in our body.